A lifelong artist, I began very early with crayons. Today I work in the visual effects industry applying digital trickery to feature films.  In the intervening decades, I have studied and experimented with many artisitc styles and many forms of media.

While fluent in most traditional art media (pastels, watercolor, photography, etc,) I specialize in Oils, Pen and Ink and Pencils as my favorites (with crayons always a good standby).

In business for a decade now, I have improved my standard methods and techniques, while gaining new production insights; all in aim of providing a quality experience for you, the patron. 

In 1996, I started exhibiting at craft fairs around Connecticut.  Soon, by word of mouth, my reputation as a quality artist and dependable businessman had spread across the state.  Since then, I have done work for clients in New York, Michigan and Florida as well   And I am now looking to spread the word in my new home of California.

After several years of Easel, I started 'Digital Eyes'; a video and post production based business targeted at musicians.  While active, Digital Eyes provided repeat video services for several clients producing several live shows and a handful of video singles. It was for film school that Digital Eyes and Easel were closed down.

At film school, I went to the 3d department and specialized in visual effects. Graduating in the summer of 2005, I came to California looking to get into the industry of dreams.  And here I am.