As every work created is unique, the procedural details change.  However the general process can be best summed up by the following steps.

Upon contacting me, we will get a general idea idea of what you are looking for.  We will establish a meeting time and it is then that we hammer out the details.  A second meeting may be needed, but not usually.  An email confirmation to proceed is adequate for our purposes.  And we will always be in email contact throughout the project.

If you can provide photos of the subject matter, I will take them. If not I will have my camera on hand to get as many reference photos as required.  Any materials given to me will be returned, though I will maintain a scanned copy for my own records. Any materials that are highly precious or otherwise 'invaluable' may require special care and attention.

I will return to my studio and begin the creation of the work. Step one typically involves a digital scanning, cleaning and mockup draft of the piece. From there, new prints are made and the actual creation begins.

This is the longest period of time. I will usually give estimates based on past eperience and certainly email timely updates on a regular basis.  In cases of more complex projects, you may be required to check in and give personal approvals as work proceeds.  This is more typical with an oil painting where you provide critical feedback on likenesses, color pallette and so on.

As the project wraps up we will establish a delivery time and place.  Then the piece will be yours to treasure in your home or to give as a unique gift for that person who 'already has everything' that you never know what to get them.  A piece of personalized fine artwork is. the unique and perfect gift for anyone and for all ocassions!