While every piece is a unique creation requiring specialized and personal attention and care, there are some generalities we can lay down.

The general work rate is a flat $20/hr. I can provide an initial estimate only after we have determined the media, the subject matter and size of the work. Each of these factors contributes enormously to the time taken in creation.  And in terms of turn around, it is similar. 

A pen and ink house portrait can be done in under two weeks. An oil portrait of your loved one can take siz months or more, rarely less than six months though.  An additional consideration in oils is that the painting needs more months to dry and then must be sealed to protect the sruface.

Some guidelines.

Pen and Ink 11"x14" $350, digitally painted, $500  2wks/4wks

Oil portrait of a person(s) 24x36 apx. $2000 6-12 months.

Digital restoration of family photos would be determined on how many and how damaged. 
But at an average of 10 hours, yields apx $200 per photo.  Simple repairs to a single photocould
be as little as apx $50.  Output would be to film, digital or profressional quality dye-sublimation (or similar) printer.