Sorry to say that due to a series of equipment mishaps,
Eye Got It is officially
foreseeable future. Please feel free to explore the site,
it will remain functional for a bit

As a Musician seeking gigs, I realized that a video should
cinch a gig over a studio CD almost every time.

The reasoning? Your prospects need to see what you've got;
they need to see your Stage Presence.

They've got to see you in Action!

I've begun Eye Got It in order to fill a critical gap in the local music industry
-to provide affordable, comprehensive, entry-level video imagery services to
all those performers who can't afford to have it done 'professionally'.

Eye Got It provides solid, quality work at very reasonable rates
-nearly 10x less than the "Pro's"!

With every new client, I am able to upgrade my capabilities while
maintaining excellent rates and superior service for the cost.

Thanks for considering my humble services.
You'll not be disappointed.