Where I have created 'fine art' work since I could hold a crayon, I have simultaneously seen much of life through the lens of various cameras over the years. 

Beginning with a simple plastic pentax 110 point-and-shoot of the early '70's and various models of various formats and specs produced at various times of camera history. Currently I wield a hold-out Olympus until finances allow for the $1k range system.  By which time, there will be utter gigs of storage and far larger resolution than now or ever likely to be truly necessary!

This site serves primarily as a catalog and library of most of my better, and some of my lesser. photographic efforts.

You are free to dload and repost these pix as there is © info embedded into the image of each piece. Should you like to purchase, license or otherwise acquire a clean, full rez version of one for public, commercial or private use, please contact me.

Also, look into Have Easel, Will Travel for Fine Art work.