RED 1: My first car fighter.
Destroyed by a kamikaze attack in December 2001.

While I completely loved this car, I had to do something with the paint job.  But simply painting it another color was not going to be good enough.  It had to be uniquely mine.  I wanted armor plates. I decided on the Milienium Falcon for the base paint job.

In the spring/summer of 2001 I scoured the net for some inspiration and came across a girl named Katie Horn who painted her car as an x-wing.  I liked it.  My design morphed.  In addition to the armor plates, I gave it some x-wing stripes. 

The paint job took a couple months as I had no downtime for the car or myself.  A base gray was first.  I gave it some time to naturally weather before giving it another base gray.  Then some masking for the panel lines. For this, A slightly lighter gray went on for the actual armor plates. Some red and gold was next for inital stripes.  However with New England winter about to descend, work took a pause.

It was after the initial panel lines and colors were drafted on the front, but before the rest of the panels and the next round of colors could go down that another car decided to park itself inside mine at high velocity.  The result: a twisted rear axle, a bent frame, blown tires, smashed exhaust system and so on.  It was quite dead.

This used to be Red Two.  However, I

ve renamed it Red 1 for the first Car Fighter/  Red Two is now my second car fighter, an '03 Tiburon.