Phase 2
Phase 2 began once I committed to a Star Wars theme.  It would be
an X-Wing, more so than Red 1 was at least.

The basic idea of an X-Wing is a dirty, gray ship with red stripes. 
However, even a cursory glance at any reference photos shows that
every X, apart from being uniquely painted is also anything but gray
with red stripes.

There are tons of colors all over each body. It can be quite surprising
even to people who have looked at them regularly. It is all the dirt that
mutes the colors down to blandness.

To get it right though, all the colors have to be done full brightness first,
then dirtied with age.  That's what Phase 3 will be primarily about. 

I then look forward to never having to wash my car again!

I'm not a slave to reference.  So while the car is Red 2 for the second car
I've painted, I'm not going to duplicate Wedge Antille's Red 2 fighter
color-for-color.  Rather, I'll be taking the flavor of all the XWings and
mashing that into my design. Of course, the physcial design differences
also make for an impossible reference match. The shapes are just
entirely different. Too different to be exact, but close enough to be close.