Phase 3: A Change of Plans.

The previous idea was: Final logo work. Full repairs to the paint and replacement parts for the bike.   Will the nose art I'm contemplating require a Phase 4? We'll see.

July 3rd, 2007 changed all that when an asteroid the size and shape of a Toyota Minivan crashed head-on into my poor Valkyrie. I called for an SOS. The Medtechs took me off to the Recovery Unit.  The Mechtechs took my bird off and declared her 'totalled'. Damage to the flight controls was beyond the value of repair, what with the new YF-19's in production now.

'But it's a classic', I cried!  They were having none of it. 'She's dead'.

And I thought the damage gave her some real charcter too.

Final Verdict:
Cost to fully repair: $7300.00
Median Value: $3800.00
Cost of latest model: $6100.00


CAUTION (if you are squemish):
The very bottom pix feature my initial damage. ;]