Final Entry: July 10, 2007
A week ago today, the Valkyrie suffered fatal damage.  She now sits waiting to be hauled off as spare parts.  She will be missed.

Final Verdict:
Cost to repair: $7300.00
Median Value: $3800.00
Cost of latest model: $6100.00

June, 2007
Phase 2b, the Macross logo, was accomplished over a week's time. 

And finally...
After 7 months of procrastination, I got all the notes and all the pictures (~200) of the build posted! Holy crud!  And it only took about 10 hours today.  All the picture links are rocking, though I will have to read through all the text several times to make sure that I have gotten all the grammar down.

April. 2007
Did Phase 2a. this past weekend.  Got some pix and ready with notes.  Once I'm out of work and have some time, this site gets a major content upgrade.  Saw a small car (Fiero, maybe?) done up as a sweet A-Wing complete w/R2 unit in the back, laser canons on the side etc this evening. Hoping to find the owner on the net and link him here w/ other concept cars I hope to dig up for the links section.

January 2007:
While the site is not fully together, it was more important to get things up and running for testing and evaluation purposes.

I started building this a while ago, but got extremely busy with the Bill-Paying-Job and put it on hold until now. There's ten written pages of notes from the weekend's work to type up and 150+ raw photos that need to be whittled down some.