The Burgman/Valkyrie-Piedmont Conversion Project.
The goal: Take a 2006 Suzuki Burgman 400 and transform it into a Self Defense Force Variable Fighter -1A Valkyrie.


The original metallic gray of the bike was always far too dark for my likings. And as I was about to get my full license, allowing me to drive after sundown and get on the highway, this wasn't a good thing. A genuine silver would have been acceptable, but metallic gray was the only color option available.

Therefore, the new paint job would have to:
1: Increase road visibility.
2: Be creative
3: Be unique
4: Be simple

The 2006 T-Giving holiday w/ 4 days off was the target. I secured a location,
the finances and produced the requisite designs.

This site is a review of the process.

On 070703.1430, an asteroid collided with the Valkyrie.  The result: R.I.P.