If I had gotten the blue version of this bike, the YF-22s below was to be the concept base for the new paint job.  However, that had sold and I was left with the silver bike, meaning that the field opened up wide again. I'm gonna think about it for a couple weeks and zen out a bit.  Next update: Some notions...


I am essentially looking to get the same effect out of this bike as I did for the VF-1A. The metallic gray is still too dark for my likings, though plain silver would have been perfect. And I'll just paste this in from the other site:

Therefore, the new paint job would have to:
1: Increase road visibility.
2: Be creative
3: Be unique
4: Be simple

What are the top contenders as of now?
In no particular order:

1. VF-19 -white, black and gold
2. An Irish Bike -green, gold and white
3. Custom Star Wars -base silver, blotched paint mostly gone
4. Trek -???
5. XD-1 -white with a HAL interface on the body
6. Abstract art -??? Renoir bike?!?!
7. Tribute Art -SW, Trek, Sp1999, etc ?
8. Simple Pinstriping -colors=?
9. Simply a new base color -color=?
0. ___ -?