I hadn't realized that I had not updated this site.  The bike was destroyed (and nearly me as well) just shy of 7 months ago.

I will post the couple dozen pix and give an accounting in the next update.


070809.23 Additional
Got the missing screws in at the shop and as I was leaving I discovered that one low beam doesn't light.  They are passing it off as S.O.P. with the new model. Considering the probs I had with the last one's headlights, I'm not buying it. .  I'm hoping this is not really the case.

Purchased 070808.11.
Overall, the '07's engineering is far superior to the '06.  I am very happy in that regard. Bigger wheels, bigger engine, better transmission, better suspension, better dashboard, the trunk looks bigger and better (-but full cargo transports will be the deciding factor there), better maintenence routine, better brakes, and overall just about better everything for that matter.

In other ways, the bike has lost a lot of not only it's overall 'heft' but to the point that a number of parts seem 'flimsey' now, at best. The seat doesn't open as wide, nor is it as stable, the helmet hook is set so far foward as to be impractical, the center stand is too short to rock the bike off of itself -very difficult in fact, the kick stand seems like it's made of tin foil and will snap any moment, the spring that holds it acts as if it were non-existent -perhaps it is! The handlebars hit the windshield/ faring at extremes -this is no good when locking the steering column!  (haven't had that tight a turn yet to know if it will hinder in that regard). Several screws were left out of the body and at least one panel nearly fell off while I was riding. I could lose one of the rear panels without ever noticing it.

Overall, as of now posting this 12 hours after the sale, I'm happy.  I was Very Happy for most of the day.  Finding these negatives in the late evening gave me pause.  Each one of the mentioned components is as critical to the overall safe functioning of the vehicle as any on the improvements' list.

What was an A, is now a B-. Good, but still inferior.  Riding experience may alter that quickly, likely for the better.  Still, both of those stands are a big killer, the seat will snap off or break in a particular way when I close it sometime, the faring could very well be a genuine safety hazard. The helmet latch is just the cherry. Maybe I'll get the 5 year warranty afterall!  I've got just under a year to decide.

On the other hand, the cushy suspension combined with the 14 in. wheels (prev. 13 in.) yields a much more comfortable ride. The transmission leads you through 1st and kicks in with some gusto in 2nd and smoothly into 3rd. The muffler seems louder, but is a more muted tone overall and the engine has some growl -far louder than the VF-1A ever had.  A more distinct impression will be had in the next days, especially over the weekend.