...................The Twinlit Worlds Site Log

Yr, Mo, Day: Update
080501 :New subsites
on their way!

Next updates...
: Kar120T
: Modelwerx
: YF-19

070901: : Project: YF-19  is herel!

: ModelWerx  Monthly notes

Next updates...
: Los Gatos!

: 2060

070810: A preview of  Project: YF-19

: ModelWerx
  Monthly notes

Next updates...
: Los Gatos!

070801 : ModelWerx  Monthly notes

Next updates...
: Los Gatos!

070710: : ModelWerx  Monthly notes

: 2060 Some new Features

: VF-1A Rest in Peace!

Next updates...
: Los Gatos!

070701: : ModelWerx  Monthly notes

: 2060 Some new Features

Next updates...
: VF-1A

: Los Gatos!

070501: : 2060 Nice tweaks.

: ModelWerx Monthly notes

: VF-1A  At last!

Next updates...
: Los Gatos!

070401: : 2060
New Featured Character and mild
cosmetic work around the edges.

: vfxtom
New shots
and more content.

: Model Werx!

Continual kit updates.

: Hubble
A quick note.

Next updates...
: Los Gatos!

: VF-1A

:A mid-month addendum

: vfxtom
New shots,
and more content.

: Model Werx!

Continual kit updates

: A quick note for Hubble

:Coming Soon:
Los Gatos!

and more for: VF-1A

: Model Werx!
Extensive file work!  All kits and diroamae
filled in and up-to-date!

: vfxtom
New shots, plus more filled out!
More coming mid-month.

Next update: Los Gatos!
and more for: VF-1A

: Model Werx!

: vfxtom

Next update: Los Gatos!

and more for: VF-1A

070101: Several missing updates
: The launch of www.twentysixty.net

The Edge is no more!

Next web project: link up my photo
section and continue polishing 2060

Deleted and saved over before copying. .


There are several missng postings since  050301; up to six were missed.


My student site now has the formerly
missing model pictures from all three
terms of classes and also the brand
new Spoon bending assignment!
Check it out!


Still more general cleaning in general




Happy New Year!

(Lotsa) new Student Work posted.

General cleaning in general.

Look for the big addition to my student site
for the January update.

Otherwise the only new thing is an update
for The Edge.


A quick update for The Edge.




This is an early post for Oct, or a late
post for September. Either way...

Crap loads added to The Edge,

The subsite 'Have Easel...' departs.
It may return as a more refined
Artists' Site over Christmas.




A number of samples from this
1st term's school work.

Megs and megs of photography
from town and across America

Also an elegant fix for I.E. viewers
(now that I are one) with some
graphics /layout issues.



Was going to wait for August 1st to post,
but, what the hell...

New subsite! 3d51tom@VFS
This is a redirect to my VFS space.
You can link back.

Regular site maintenence otherwise.



It's been a Twinlit year here and our
first anniversary!

While there are no new subsites posting;
and some older sites are gone,
The Edge has got fresh new stuff!
(even more to comew/ the next posting!)

And the pilot for The Edge is now
'officially' finished! (v.2., that is...)


A bunch of new stuff for The Edge, including
various graphics upgrades, new d'loads and
even more!.



Eye Got It and Have Easel, Will Travel
are officially out of business for the
foreseeable future.

Regular maintenence on various update
pages throughout.






The Car is Sold! I'll take it off the site in
another month or two from its 'sold state'.

The Edge
gets a wicked major polish.
Over 200 new (and revamped!) pages. Inc:

Additional Public Access Stations and
News Links.

Dozens and dozens of new character and
set pix
all throughout!

New D'Loads! a full Dozen Video Clips and
mp3's ! with more to come by the summer.

Dig in to all three subsections for more!




Save The Hubble from short sighted policy that
makes no sense!

A number of additions to The Edge,

Car is reduced in price!

Otherwise, that is about it since last month...



Happy New Year to you all.

Minor refinements and additions here
and there.

Look for a late- month update.


Late on the repost. Swapped in a new
drive and may have lost a couple .bkf's
in the process. (Almost this site too!)

Light updates all 'round then, eh?.

Eye Got It -more samples added to the
graphics/art section.

Edge Nav Tweaks. Smoothing out the wrinkles
and sharpening up some interface.



This session includes the start of new
additions to the subsites (i.e. St. Darling's
Car for Sale) with revisions to the old!
(esp. The Edge and Eye Got It )

The revised Eye Got It will repost in the next
week or two as I complete an album art section.

Anything that seems sketchy now, should
all be up by December.



Not too much this month, been busy getting
stuff done in general. . .

Eye Got It lots of tweaks, additions and
new video samples.

The Edge general updates and more pix.

Selling my Car!


Interface work and new pages for
Eye Got It





General Tweakin's to all three sites.

Eye Got It is finessed some and will see
additional samples added in October!

The Edge beefs out in the Media Output
section and some revisionist history is
done in the World Timeline..

My personal site will be offline while I
contemplate a new layout format.

And some graphics for this page...


General Tweakin's





The Edge gets a revamp, including:

New Character Pix, Full 3D imagery

Movie Stills, Straight from the Production Line

New Splash Page, all the characters

In the News, Links to articles where
The Edge has been featured.


New (amongst others. . .)
Splash Page for The Edge, -a little more
informative than the Twinlit Logo of now what
are the by-gone days of old.

And... a surprise! Hunt around for it!


Several pages added to The Edge,
including the public release of the 1st
Public Access Ad.

Have Easel and Eye Got It are essentially finished sites and will not see too many
updates too often. The Active sites to watch
are The Edge and My Personal site.

More finess'ing, last of characters for
The Edge are added.

Ultra Minor tweaks and the Main Page converts to tables for faster loading and sharper, more accurate layout.




Twinlit Worlds lights up again after 30 hours
of darkness. The problem has been resolved
to the best of my knowledge.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

This Update History Page created.

Also, My Personal Site is taken offline for
some cleaning


Twinlit Worlds goes dark while I resolve
issues with the domain host. Their servers
are saying that I am using twice as much
space as I was, so I removed all files except
this page to demonstrate that there is an
error somewhere in their system.

Please be patient. I do not know how much
longer I can remain so...





Have Easel, Will Travel
is online and Fully Functional!

Eye Got It
Videography for Musicians
goes online and is Fully Functional!.

My Personal Site goes online and. is
somewhat disfunctional, but navigable for
the most part. . .

The Edge
Error Corrections. Stills, Script Samps
and more talent added under the
Production Pages, still a whole lot
to come. . .

Initial Site Posting.